Blood bank- Red Cross 

Thursday 16th April 2015
Today we helped out at the blood bank in a school for adults training to be teachers in a village. 

The people working on the blood bank in Mbale are so nicer! We got over 70 donations in this day! They did a talk to sensitise the them on what the benefits are for donating beforehand which worked well. 



Kamokoli TAATA kids site 

Wednesday 15th April 2015
Abraham and I decided we needed to redo the finance report, and I’m also working on a proposal for their new Kamokoli site.

Here’s a collection of photos of how it looks at th moment;








Women’s craft class- baskets 

Monday 13th April 2015 
Jasmin has set up her own group to teach women in Bungokho South, crafts so they can sell their products. They are working on baskets. 

I went along to see. 


The lady above is Jessica, the teacher. She is very good at making the baskets, this is her second one. 

  This is after 4 hours of making. You have to wrap each part separately, stitching it through with a needle.  
Sneak peak- this is it a week later (still nowhere near finished) 

I will appreciate these baskets more than ever now!  

Nights out 

Saturday 11th April 2015
Most of the day was spent in town with Fred, meeting with Jasmin, Idi and Juma. We decided a night out was needed.

Lots of dancing, and a mini bar crawl!

Short and sweet post 🙂

Impact Fm- TAATA Kids on the radio

Friday 10th April 2015
In the morning I went to the TAATA kids sports day that is every Friday. They walk all the way to the field in a single file, about 200 kids and 10 teachers- troopers!! 


I tried to teach the kids Simon says, didn’t work out so well, but was a lot of fun! 
Later on, I joined the radio station. Abraham has got a slot at 2pm every Friday. The show is in Luganda though, so I spoke for a while as they translated but didn’t understand a lot of it. 


Red Cross- HIV/ AIDS awareness 

Tuesday 7th April 2015 
Tuesday morning I went back to Bungokho North and spoke with the classes. I gave them a brief history of the Red Cross and then did a small talk on HIV and aids. 

One of the talks was with just the girls so they could ask me for advice in specific areas. 




Easter weekend camping 

Friday 3rd – Monday 6th April 2015

The first couple of days were spent doing bits of washing, and in town.

Then Sunday to Monday was camping!

We went to Sisi falls and had lunch and camped overnight.

We met at Sukali in the morning, which is a bar that our friend Freda owns- Freda drove me and her two friends from South Africa to town to get some food and drinks for the trip.

Buffet style lunch, with African food. This was the first time I tried g-nut paste and I approve 👌

The view is what made it…

It was Saleh’s daughter’s second birthday too, so we all sang and had cake!

We took a walk up to the falls and took some pictures. The boys climbed out further to get a better look, but the girls chickened out 🙂


Tumi and Hlumela- with the boys climbing in the back

Camping was funny, none of the boys knew how to put up tents and me Hlumela, Tumi and Freda had a huge tent to ourselves and everyone else’s were tiny! 🏆

My pictures from the evening are extremely poor. We went from the campfire to a hut nearby a few times to avoid the rain, but it was lots of fun, and we stayed up dancing until the batteries died on the speakers and the torches.

On the way home, we managed to get stuck in the mud lol!